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The PZDA opened its doors in September of 1976. We have met with continued success in training and nurturing our dancers. We have built our reputation on our ability to provide a quality dance education in a positive and encouraging environment, where lifelong friendships, bonds, and memories are made.

PZ Dance Academy
PZ Dance Academy2 days ago
Hello PZDA families! I want to share our results from our Access Broadway National Event. We had an amazing trip with amazing dancers and their families. I am so grateful for the love and support from all that were there (and for those that weren't but were present via SM) So...."here we go": SOLOISTS....Megan Warwick "Salvation" HG, Brianna Thomas "Confidence" HG, Abbi Hope "Not About Angels" P, Melanie "River Deep Mountain High" HG, Jaimie Lyn Hurwitz "No Stopping Us" HG, Taylor Howes "Ain't Got Far To Go" HG, DUET: Melanie & Kailiah "Beyond the Fence" HG, TRIO: Jaimie Lyn Hurwitz, Shayla Keane & Brianna Thomas "Mean Girls" P, GROUPS: "Evolution of JB" HG, "Feet Don't Fail Me Now" HG, "Time Bound" HG, "You Don't, You Won't" HG, "I Love Rock & Roll" HG, "Time" HG, "Everybody Wants You" HG, "Boss" HG, "Jet Set" HG. Overall High Score Awards: 3rd place Megan Warwick "Salvation", 1st place Brianna Thomas "Confidence", 1st place Abbi Hope "Not About Angels", 1st place Taylor Howes "Ain't Got Far to Go", 1st place "Mean Girls", 1st place "Jet Set", 2nd place "Time Bound", 3rd place "Boss". Broadway Star Award.....the overall high score for all teen dancers was Abbi Hope for her solo "Not About Angels"!!! <3 Dancers who were nominated for this award in their perspective age group included: Jaimie Lyn Hurwitz, Taylor Howes, Melanie, Brianna Thomas and Megan Warwick!! Great job girls :) Broadway Star Award for Duet/Trio we had "Mean Girls" nominated, for Groups we had "Jet Set", "Time Bound" and "Boss" nominated. This means they fell high within the scoring to be the highest scoring group in their perspective age category. We had 2 routines nominated for Best Choreography: "Jet Set" & "Time Bound"!!!! Finally they give out "Best" awards. Miss Pamela Polo Moscatelli won the Best Director award. CONGRATULATIONS to everyone! Students and Staff, you did an amazing job and represented our studio (who went with 15 dancers and 17 routines) very, very well. BUT....I must say the highlight of the trip was to observe our dancers supporting and encouraging each other. The fellowship they showed is beyond any medal or trophy award. This impressed me the most. I am honored to call these girls my dancers #pzdanceacademy I would also like to extend gratitude to the parents who made this trip possible. XXXOOO #kissesandhugs #myjobisbetterthanyours #abnationals2017
PZ Dance Academy
PZ Dance Academy2 weeks ago
So #excited for access broadway's nationals!! #pzdanceacademy
PZ Dance Academy
PZ Dance Academy3 weeks ago
I know it has been a few days.....BUT, WOW!!! What a show 🙂 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. To my dancers, their parents, my staff and the audience. YOU DID IT. Another great year. I can't wait to start the summer and new season off. So many ideas (even for next years theme!!!!)
PZ Dance Academy
PZ Dance Academy1 month ago
My apologies....I had to close online ticket sales a few days early. We were selling out and I wanted to make sure I had tickets for "at studio" sales.
PZ Dance Academy
PZ Dance Academy1 month ago
Tickets for #recital2017 #40years available today at #pzdanceacademy from 5-8 pm Cash only $25 per ticket. Everyone 2 years and older needs a seat to enter auditorium. Thank you.


“Dance is an art that imprints on the soul. It is with you every moment, even after you give it up. It is with you every moment of your day and night.”
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