Studio Policies

No smoking in or around the building. Students must wear cover-ups to and from the building. Please be prompt in picking up your dancer. Tell your child to remain inside the building. We are not responsible for your child once they leave the classroom. Parents are welcome to wait in the lobby area during class. Understanding that you may have to bring siblings to the studio, please make sure they are supervised always so that classes are not being interrupted. In addition, children should not be left unattended, running in or around the building. Children that are being unusually loud will be asked to sit quietly.

The staff and management of The PZDA spend countless hours in bringing you the nicest and cleanest studio in the area. Please respect the property and its belongings. WATER and healthy snacks only in the lobby area. Please be considerate and clean up properly after yourself and your child. NO eating, drinking, or chewing gum in the dance studios. Please do not interrupt the instructor while class is in session. If you have a concern, please contact the studio director (via email or studio phone). In some cases, you may need to make an appointment to discuss your questions or concerns. Student placement is a the discretion of the studio director and all decisions are final.

Regular attendance is imperative for consistent progress. If students are too ill to participate in class, they should remain home and rest. If they are injured, they should come to class and observe. Many students find they learn from observing and this will also keep them informed of the class’ progress and any information that may be given.

It is essential for the student to arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the start of their class to get ready for their lesson. Each student is entitled to the full lesson time. Late comers are a distraction to the class that is already in progress and warm-up is important for injury prevention at every level. Students that are more than 10 minutes late may be asked to sit until the instructor decides when the appropriate time is to join the class. If regular tardiness becomes an issue, you will get a call from the director to discuss a solution. If a student knows in advance that they are going to be tardy for a particular class, they should advise their instructor.

Classes will be conducted with the doors closed. This is to ensure minimal distraction for the students and their instructors. We appreciate your full understanding. Parents may observe the first class of the month during October, November and December. Parents are allowed to observe from inside the studio only if they are quiet. (Cell phones need to be turned off) If you must bring other children with you, you are asked to observe through the observation window. This way the instructor can conduct the class properly and successfully.

Students and their Parents enrolled at the PZDA will be expected to conduct themselves appropriately always. This includes all events sponsored or attended by the PZDA. Inappropriate and disrespectful conduct to another student or instructor will not be tolerated. Students and their Parents will not make negative remarks or comparisons about one another, the students or the instructors. We will exhibit a positive attitude always, it is more productive.

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